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Change Wordpress Admin Login

Change WordPress Admin Login to Custom URL in Very Easy Way:

How can we change WordPress Admin Login to Custom URL? If you are to about changing the current admin login to custom URL then you are at the right post. This is very important to keep our website secure, especially WordPress. Because there are many WordPress Websites which are getting snipped by Hackers every day. To secure a WordPress website, we use some security techniques. Some recommend using a security plugin or some said different. But the best and first method is to change the access point of your website. The access point is URL and directory of your admin panel.

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Before proceed to changing login, there are some recommendations that you should run and check before doing this step.

Make Sure that you have make a backup of your WordPress website. Because it is very important, sometimes our WordPress or plugin may not compatible with each other which results in disturbance. So it is recommended to make a backup of your website. Another thing you should check, SSL properly installed on your server. If there is no SSL then it does not secure at all. Must use an SSL even its a Free SSL. These are the major security settings you should check and run. Now we are moving to the steps of change WordPress admin login to custom URL.

To change WP Admin login, you need to install plugin WPS Hide Login.

Once you install the Plugin then you just need to go to settings. In General Setting, on the end of the page you will see the option change URL of your choice. Normally it should be a strict and combination of characters, numbers and alphabets. So that website analyzer tool will not detect your URL. Example default-login_ASPW9-0842_id=45450911038. This is just an example, so just think your website admin panel will very hard to find actually. But be sure to write in a safe place. In case you forget it, it will help you. Once you have done this, then redirect the wp-admin to 404 page. So this will show an error once the user or someone will try to access /wp-admin.

Do you know? There are many big websites whose owner change the wordpress admin login to a custom URL. This increases the 100% security enhancement.

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WPS Hide Login is a very volatile plugin that lets you simply and safely change the URL of the login form page to anything you aspire. It doesn’t truly rename or modify files in core, nor does it add rewrite rules. It simply prevents page requests and works on any WordPress website. The wp-admin directory and wp-login.php page become difficult to access. So you should bookmark or memorize the URL. Deactivating this plugin brings your site back accurately to the state it was before. This plugin requires WordPress 4.1 or higher.

There are some server checks you should check accordingly. Mostly you should keep eye on user permission of your files in your server or Cpanel. This will let you aware about the sever and security of your files. Because some times, some malware installs in your server which case data to be hacked on your server. These are very important safety tips that should be regularly checked for especially WordPress websites. There are also some plugins to add extra security layers like Wordefecnce. This will help you to scan your WordPress websites for viruses and malware.

If you are running an e-commerce website, then you should must purchase Comodo SSL or Wildcard SSL. Because this is very important for e-commerce business owners. Even you are running some course website or even credit card using on your website. For powerful bloggers and forum owners, Cloud Flare is very highly recommended because it check for spam and unsecure codes of attacks. I hope this article helps you regard security enhancement and we have successfully learned to change the WordPress admin login URL. If you have any question simply comment or contact us.

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