Blogging As Career-4 Steps You can Start Blogging

Blogging as Career

Blogging as career in 4 steps

Since world become more advance, freelancing, blogging and affiliate marketing is a key of become having good monthly income. The most popular factor is Blogging as Career in 2019. Other marketplace and workplace have competition. So, blogging is also difficult and not easy to start. There are millions of tutorials and videos on youtube and other blogs. But actually they are ranking their own videos and articles and not guide you properly.

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How you can start Blogging as career?

It is very easy to develop and Design a blog on wordpress or blogger. Once you develop successfully you apply ads monetize networks, such as Google Adsense and are highly paying Advertisements Network. You need a domain related to your niche like the domain name “” describing the Development Related Niche. To start Blogging As Career, you must have a little knowledge of HTML,CSS,Java Script and WordPress. You need a domain name and powerful Web hosting if you want to be get approved on Google Adsense. Let’s move to our guide about Blogging As Career.

Install WordPress on your niche Domain and put finish installation process. WordPress is highly optimized for blogging that’s why we not talk about Blogger today. If you have a good and light powerful hosting then you can earn good revenue from your niche. All depend on your niche how you can use keywords in your content and how much your content is powerful. Installation process is nothing describe that you started a blog. For this you need to choose powerful theme. I would recommend same theme use in

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Vmag is powerful and light fast optimized theme for wordpress blogging. It can cover up to 6 Ads on a page. The most featured factor is Vmag Home page beautiful design which is very easy to develop. To start Blogging as career, it is very important to choose a beautiful theme for your Niche. You can follow documentation guide to successfully create Home Page design for your niche. Similar themes can also be used, such as Newspaper theme, Vmagazine Color etc. Before designing home page, Remember to perform next steps to be comfortable because most time user get confuse about category and pages.

Make categories and sub categories in you blog. Create the following pages in your website:

  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Disclaimer
  3. About
  4. Contact Us
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Home

Go to Appearance and follow Menus in this tab. Create the following menus:

  1. Primary Menu (Primary Home Page Menu)
  2. Footer Menu
  3. Top Menu


Primary Menu is main menu. It describe the map of categories and pages. You can create primary menu by inserting categories and out bound links. It should have Home Page, 2 or three popular categories of your niche and whole category button, About and Contact page.

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Footer Menu is use in footer area. It should be contains all links in your website.

Top Menu is top menu bar that show time and date. It can be enables or disable from customization tab. It should have Terms,Privacy,Disclaimer and Contact Page.

For blogging as career it is very important to make a reasonable and easy to understand menu map.

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Now You can create and design a beautiful home page by documentation of your desired theme. Your Blog is now ready just take a survey on finishing. Now our step move to Apply for monetize Network Google Adsense. I hope you hear hundreds of stories that adsense need at least 500 traffic, 25 blog posts and SEO blah blah…..

You just need to have a domain at least 2 Weeks old and should not be a free domain (.cf .tk .ga) are not acceptable. Signup on google adsense and paste the HTML tag between you <head </head> tags. Once google found the code you can submit for Adsense Earning Program. Be sure to verify your domain from Google Search Console and analytics. A traffic of daily 5-10 unique visit is enough to get approved. This article is now going to finish, you will get update about Content Writing and SEO for your blog articles. I hope you enjoy revenue and prefer blogging as career or part time earning.

If you find this interesting please do not forgot to share to needy fellow. If you have any question related to this topic please leave a comment.


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