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Fiverr From Scratch, How to get 1st order in fiverr

How to get 1st order on fiverr

How to get 1st order in fiverr from scratch


Fiverr from scratch; Well today topic is very common. You will see thousands of articles having same topic. It is not easy to get in freelancing, But if you follow some steps and make yourself confident, then you can do it.

Are you looking for Website Development or You want Digital Services, Fiverr is best place to get your Think in to Done! As long as Digital trend increasing. The market of freelancer is also going on competition. I’m not talking about Upwork and PPH because there are not freedom like Fiverr. Ongoing some freelancers facing issues regarding fiverr support and disputes from buyers, but we will discuss in the topic. Fiverr is a freelancing platform where freelancers doing their projects for their clients. So fiverr work on Both Client Side (Buyer) and Freelancer (Seller).

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Are you a new freelancer and getting no order from years? If Yes, This Content will be interesting and useful to you. Let start,

First of all you have to research on scope of your field, if you are a Graphic Designer Give some time to research on your scope. In the graphics, Logo Design is most selling gig on fiverr. Search on google about latest trends in Logo Designs, open top 10 pages and see the designs and listings and note it. You will see many designs, don’t think if you like retro then your client also need retro. Take the common points in all listing from Top 10 of Google. Once you understand what you have to prepare for Gig then move on next step.

Fill up your profile, Your image matters your profile and Gig. So you are a graphic designer and going to create a gig for graphic design. You have to select a scenic or portrait profile picture for graphic profile. If you are a developer then you have to make it like some coding screen on your back. Be professional when selecting a Profile Pictures, I would never recommend Selfie. Now come to gig title, Mostly new freelancer copy the title of top rated sellers or some add irrelevant works like “will create beautiful amazing creative logo for you”. This look too irrelevant Title of your gig. You gig title should be 5-7 Words follow this template for better result Design/Create-excellent-logo design type, so it would be “Design Minimalist Logo Branding”. Short Title will not confuse your Buyers.

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Now come to next step about Description. Description is most important to get rank your Gig. If you just copy and paste Description of a top rated seller it will never rank. Follow these steps referring description. Just add 100-200 words in description. Start from “Good Day” then welcome your client. Start paragraph from your name and country and then add your institution and qualification skills. Then add 3 lines that show the beautiful word for gig visitor, This is very important make it very logically, when your client read these lines he get force to check your other gigs and work. Then add good bye and regards message in the end.

Now fixing your price. Price matters on your standard and your work. If you doing a great work you can start your price from $15 in the beginning. Once you reach 25+ orders ,i would recommend yourself to increase price to 80%. This is best strategy to increase price that suits your pending orders and work time.

Adding Work Samples to your gig is the Main stuff. If you have creative projects that you have designed. Suppose you designed a logo of K.F.C. then make a mockup of logo and short brand details e.g website and address. This makes your work samples more powerful to attract clients. Do not add deadly images or only logo designs. I would recommend to make a stylized slideshow video of your projects and post in work sample. More powerful portfolio will increase more chances to get orders even your rating not much good. Mostly freelancers say, rating is key to get orders but I don’t think so. Client need quality and some clients may give 3 or 4 star without having knowledge of stars rating.

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If you fill up your gigs and profile then we will move on next step referring to get first order. Be sure create all gigs of your limit having same title with replacement of logo type.

Share your gig on whatsapp groups, social media like facebook, instagram. I know you will not get buyer from these platforms but clicks and impression will be start grow gradually. If you drive more than 300 social clicks and then there will 99% chances of your gig to be get order. Answer buyer request in a proper and logical way. It takes 2 or 3 days you should work on rank your gig then I hope you will get first order in first week. But if not make your personal clients and force them to order you on fiverr. But you have to do this in first week. Fiverr algorithm will now automatically add you in rising listings. Just keep it note again if you get first order in first week then only possible to get new orders after or during this orders naturally.

You will receive messages from clients, explain your work and show your powerful portfolio and do not ask them to order you or similar. All you need to share more and more on social media and personal contacts. This is the best strategy of getting first order that I have tried more than 10 times. If you not get first order in first week then no positive expect of getting orders in future. But be sure you are driving traffic regularly on your gig.

Next step is fame and scope. Make your social profiles on facebook linkedin,quora,instagram and start helping people. Make a positive rating score on social media. There are many clients looking for work in facebook and instagram. So other fellows will recommend you and your brand will naturally on top because in the mean time people are searching for you. This strategy will increase 40% orders in fiverr.

Now we will refer to Conversation with client. If someone message you first of all ask about his care then start projection language that you have relation between both. Create a natural feeling of getting engagged in to this conversation so client would feel inspire and confident to you. Treat like a friend. Do not ask for rating on fiverr. Just leave a short signal that client knowledge will get he have to rate 5 stars next.

I’m going to end this topic here and I would recommend everyone to share your personal experience about getting first order in comment section below.

Muhammad Ahmar
Ahmar is web designer and web developer. He has experience to develope wordpress websites. He started his development career from coding from scratch. As well as he is also a good developer if he develop from core.

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