Why should use linux prefer secure than the other Operating Systems??

Why linux is more secure


If we follow, to become using a secure environment. Then Linux is best solution for you.

Early times, Dell Manufactured laptops have pre installed Ubuntu linux. Later some users don’t know how to operate linux, as it hard to learn commands. Linux interface comes with two types. GUI and CLI. Where CLI is the most difficult interface to use. GUI interface is simply Graphical which became easy to use but some users still think difficult, as GUI interface also needs to operate by commands for some actions.But the command line interface or Terminal is the main tool that allow us freedom.

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If we compare linux with other operating system, Then sure linux will win in secure interface. Let we begin comparison between Linux and Microsoft Windows. Windows is the most popular operating system by Microsoft. Today majority of Windows has been used by world.In this majority of users, 95% users don’t know there is something like Linux. Where as Windows is have most easy interface to operate.The most important stuff is Security.Although, Windows have secure firewall and security tools but it is not enough secure to protect your privacy and interface. Windows is a light tool to run any Malware without knowing its user. And the linux does not support such files or virus.It is become hard to inject a linux system.

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Linux gives a new life to your PC if your replace it by Windows. Windows needs utilities and programs to work it properly.While linux have pre installed,bulit-in software or packages.You do not need to install utilities or packages to run your system properly.Linux installs packages according to needs.Windows executes a lot of programs when it startup.But linux only run programs that need in the time by requirements.System can not be hang during work but windows become hang out when a overload of executed program running in backend. This is why linux is also a lite version to handle your PC.

There is some informative note, “The linux is not a operating system, Its just a Kernal”. Yes, it is right to do not think linux is a operating system.Because it is a Kernal version.So adding features and interface in this Kernal is make a output.That output is known as Operating System.There are thousands of linux flavors, whereas Ubuntu,Fedora,Open Suse, Redhat, These are popular operating system of linux used for personal and commercial purpose. The most popular distribution is Debian.You can find out all operating system,flavors and

distribution Here .

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The linux is mostly used in backend server. Todays, linux is known as most secure server in the world.That is reason majority of server provider have linux installed servers. Every user need secure environment. Such as if you are browsing in windows. Suddenly if you open a suspicious link, then your information may be steal by unknown authorization. Linux does not allow such links to be run, and if these link may be run, But not infect your PC. All you need to know is to differentiate the security stuff. Because security is most important if you wanna become online on internet.Here is your answer! Linux


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