The 8 Trends in Graphic Design that Will Dominate 2019 [Infographic]

For last year everything in graphic design was about taking risks.

However, most of the graphic design trends that I predicted for last year have become popular. With brands such as Apple, Google and other giants of technology hosting trends of unique and eye-catching designs.

So, you will need to climb an additional step, or maybe three to be seen and heard in 2019. This means using more vivid color palettes, bold fonts and futuristic patterns.

Luckily, this guide will help you stay ahead.
Without further ado, here are the best graphic design trends for 2019:

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1. Sample of Vivid Colors

You may have noticed that the design world feels a bit more colorful lately. You could be right.

Touches of electric yellow, bright corals and vivid blue replace the reserved colors of the past. By 2019 and beyond, more designers and brands are adding vivid colors to their palettes.[Infographic]

I love it – using more color is always an advantage in my books!

If you’re not familiar, the vivid colors include lighter shades that are gaudy or intense. Something like the pink, blue and reds of the following example:

Or literally any of the colors used in this nice annual report:
I think that all this change towards the most vivid colors is a continuation of the rejection towards the boring minimalism of the beginning of the year 2010. Also, while the brands fight for our attention, they must take great design risks.[Infographic]

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Last year the bold colors dominated, and this year the very vivid and brilliant will have the supreme kingdom.

After a few weeks ago, one of the trendiest companies like Apple added vivid colors to their designs, I hoped that these colors will continue to take power.

Como puedes ver, usaron muchísimas paletas de colores vivos para presentar el nuevo iPad Pro… ¡Y fue todo un éxito!

We have also seen how vivid colors begin to open in other Apple graphics:[Infographic]

However, I think that this year these bright colors will become their main creative and brand strategy. In addition, these colors look incredible in them, and in other brands and in the screens of ultra HD devices.

And once Apple does something, many brands will follow it.

Spotify is also another great brand that usually goes ahead of the most popular trends, and this year will not be different. Vivid and bright colors have taken place in your marketing material

We saw that Spotify adopts gradients, bold colors and flat design; before they were fashionable, and I see bright colors that take the same path.[Infographic]

I think it’s important to know that you do not have to use only bright colors. In fact, mixing those colors with flatter or stronger colors can also help you stand up. See how well they combine the colors in the following presentation template:[Infographic]

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