9 SEO Tricks That Work in 2019

SEO Tricks

SEO Tricks

The SEO tricks of 2019 are very similar to those of 2016, which in turn were quite similar to those of 2015. That is, the basis of any SEO strategy or action to grow in Google is the same since it has become more complicated to cheat him

Complicated because it is sophisticated, of course. It is estimated that the search engine algorithm is updated approximately every 18 hours. Sometimes the changes are brutal and in others, you do not know, but the set of all of them is what marks the dynamics of the SEO tricks that continue to work today, in 2019

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After reading this entry, there is no doubt that you already know where the shots will go. Content, user, local SEO, multimedia …

Well, you’re not misguided, really. I’ll tell you SEO tricks of all kinds: from more generic to medium / long term to more specific, more immediate application.


SEO tricks: more than tricks, obligations#

Yes, obligations. They look like tricks, but the direction that the ship is taking the search engine in recent times suggests that you adopt them, or until later. First let’s talk about natural and logical things. At the end of the article we will focus on what you were probably looking for with “SEO tricks”: the extras.


A perfectly planned content SEO strategy

Do not leave anything to chance. Getting secondary keywords is a nice result of a sought-after chance, but get thirty TOP keywords like this is never born in chance and less now that we are more than ever, worth the redundancy.

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When you start working on the positioning of your website or that of a client, invest time and/or money in keyword research in conditions. One that tells you which way you are going to have to continue the next twelve months. This list, more than a set of terms and its search volume, what it gives you is a roadmap.

Based on this sheet you design a coherent keyword architecture: TOP keywords at the top and as low level or subdirectory, you fit the long tail. And this only with the static pages, because the true potential of this list is seen in the blog.

Good use of the content on the blog is the best SEO trick today. Ask the clients with whom I work.

The posts position more and better than the static ones and they serve as a perfect complement to nurture them with internal links. Therefore, in annual planning you should create an editorial calendar that will mark exactly the following things:

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Think about answering the voice search

I recently published an article about how voice searches would change the SEO landscape forever. Well, following the line and focusing on 2017, what you have to achieve at the beginning is, in addition to the click, that the user’s time permanence on your page is high and does not generate rebound as much as possible.

For this you can put yourself in the skin of your ideal reader and think about how you look on your mobile. Do you ask questions? How do you formulate them? What expressions or terms do you use?

And you with your content have to answer these questions with answers. And of course, you can also add the questions or terms in some header H3 and get in the meta description that is shown to the user in the SERPs there is a link, type what you see in the first result of the previous image.

Resolving the queries of users can happen two things:


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