What is SEO On Page?

On Page

On Page

On Page comes from English, means “on the page” or “within the page”, SEO On Page therefore refers to SEO techniques that we can apply on the page to improve your search engine rankings such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., that is, improve the organic and natural positioning of it, without any external influence.

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There is no more magic or science, “doing SEO” On Page means focusing on optimizing the content of your website, adapting it to most of the suggested standards of usability and user experience, because that’s where Google wants to take us, to improve usability and experience when we navigate.


What is the SEO on Page?

SEO On Page is the starting point to start positioning properly in Google. It is like the root of a tree, is the basis of all your SEO, and something that will make the rest of the techniques of positioning off the page, are more effective.

In other words, if you have a good SEO “On Page”, it will be much easier for your site to the position by the keywords you want.

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It is like an exact guide to facilitate search engines that position you as high as possible, always within the SEO parameters that your site has

Much care must be taken with “over optimizing” the SEO On Page, because Google will realize that you are spamming, that is, that you do it on purpose, and the effect will be the opposite, it will send you to the bottom of the abyss, from which It will cost you to leave.

So once we go to see the tips so you can start “doing SEO On Page” and improve the organic positioning of your website.

List of Tips to improve SEO

On Page

The SEO On Page tips that we are going to show you now are very simple and practical each one of them, we are not going to sell you smoke, they work, but as a set of factors that added to others (link building, interaction in social networks, etc.):

Use H1 tags with the keyword

You must use the h1 tag inside the HTML because like the title, it is perhaps the most important one to position using optimization.

If you use WordPress almost all the themes and templates already have the title as h1, so you are ready by default.

And if it is a personalized page, make sure that your keyword is located inside the h1 tags.

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Important: there should be only one h1 tag per page, this is a mistake that many people make.

Subtitles on H2 labels

The subtitles related to the topic about what you are writing should have h2 tags.

Ideally, include at least once the keyword you want to position in one of these labels.

Unlike the H1 tag, you can use as many h2 as you need, as long as it is for important subtitles of the page.

Include the keyword in the first 150 words

When we write about a specific topic, we will naturally include the keywords within the first two paragraphs.

This helps two things: that the user knows what the topic is with a specific introduction, but also helps Google to know what you focus on.

So remember, do not make an intro of 1000 words and then just focus on the topic, make a short intro of 300-500 words, and make sure that in the first 150 you include the keyword.

Use videos, images, and infographics

The pages that include video, images, and content developed as infographics are usually very rich in terms of users since they find everything they need in them.

Having a quality page will reduce your bounce rate, it will make users stay longer on the page and this is something that Google values, as it realizes that it is quality content, and will improve your positioning gradually.

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Something important is to try to generate original content, that is, do not copy images, infographics or videos because it will not be the same. Google knows when you use original content and when you have copied and pasted a site, even if you change colors or things like that to a photo, it will not work as well as it is original content.

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