How to earn money Online in blog 2019

earn money Online

Sale of online courses earn money Online

earn money Online

Earn Money Online The sale of specialized online courses is another great way to

The added incentive here is that such courses are sold for much more than e-books since you can charge a premium for your experience. earn money Online in blog

To begin, you must complete the course curriculum, in addition to any other support material (slides, templates, downloads) you wish to include.earn money Online in blog

The accepted practice here is to offer two versions: the basic version (without support) and the most expensive (with support by email).

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Once you’re ready, you can use the popular add-ons of learning management systems like Learn Dash or Member Press to deliver to your paying customers.

 Build your email list earn money Online

earn money Online

There are several successful bloggers who proclaim that money is on the list. Once you have created an audience for your blog, it is essential to retain them, so they do not come back.

You can start collecting email addresses using online tools such as GetResponse or AWeber, in exchange for a freebie, such as a free 7-day email course.

It is likely that the reader stops to read its content long after the free course ends.

The key to growing your mailing list and audience is to keep your existing fans while simultaneously attracting new readers.

Organize web seminars earn money Online

earn money Online

Well, this particular option to monetize your blog works better if you or your blog are considered an authority on a particular topic or domain.earn money Online in blog

In which case, you can organize a webinar (an interactive online chat) where people will pay you to answer your questions

about a particular topic and hear their opinion on specific topics.

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You can try using any of the free webinar hosting sites mentioned below.

EZ talks
Organizing a webinar is not only an excellent way to share your experience but also an excellent way to earn some money online.

Start / Join a blog network earn money Online

Blog networks are rapidly emerging as a possible source of income for bloggers. There are two ways to earn money with them.

The first option includes starting your own network and hiring bloggers for you.

The second option is to join an existing network as a writer and contribute with publications/articles paid for other websites for a fee.

To have a better idea, check out some of the popular blog networks that are listed below.

Social fabric
There are quite a few blog networks and you must select and join those that match your domain experience and areas of interest.

Business blogs

In the digital age, companies/brands are always looking for experts in the domain and good writers who have the skills to keep them in the news and the media.

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Popular bloggers are often on their list of successes since they have both key ingredients, and the money they pay is also pretty good.


So, if you have a popular blog about a fast-growing vertical industry such as, for example, retail services,


banking, and financial services, FMCG or technology, a company could buy a blog for them, either full-time or part-time.

Companies can contact you directly or you can browse through online job sites/blog networks to see existing jobs in this category.

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