Great Best 5 Earning Ways

Earning Ways

1. Start a job exchange / Classifieds

earning ways

Earning Ways Jobs are the only thing that most people are always looking for.

Starting a Jobs section on your blog will not only guarantee that people keep coming back to your blog, but it will also ensure a stable income for you. Earning Ways

It is also an excellent way to provide a valuable service and make money in the process.

You can also choose the job listings you want to publish on your blog and decide the money you will be charged for the service depending on the duration of the advertisement on your site. Earning Ways

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2. Merchandising Earning Ways

earning ways

o, is your blog attracting a steady flow of traffic every day and boasts of a growing group of loyalists who keep coming back to it?

If so, then you might consider marketing (which means getting things like coffee mugs, t-shirts and printed stickers with the name /logo/slogan of your blog) and putting them up for sale online.

These days there are several e-commerce sites such as Wix, Shopify, and Etsy, which can help you create an online store and sell products online.

If your blog is popular enough, you will surely find an enthusiastic group of buyers from your dedicated audience.

3. Sell Subscriptions Earning Ways

Earning Ways

Well, now this idea is not in any new way and has been used from time to time with variable results. It means giving your audience the option to pay to see additional content on their blog, which can be anything from learning resources to videos.

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But the most common problem faced by bloggers, in particular, is that most of the topics they think about (they already have a lot of free websites available), then why would anyone pay to read their content? Earning Ways

Therefore, you should have some super exclusive / premium content in your hands or have an expert/experience in a rare but interesting topic that has not yet generated free websites.

You can also set up your own paywall in less than 10 minutes using an add-on such as Paid Memberships Pro. Yes, it’s a big challenge, but if you manage to achieve it, it’s more money in the bank for you. Earning Ways

4. CPM ads

earning ways

o earn money with cost per mile (CPM) ads you need to attract a large volume of traffic to your blog.

You do not need any specialized coding knowledge to do it, so they are very easy to configure. All you have to do is create an advertising account and add the code to your website. That’s. Earning Ways

Now, a warning here, usually CPM is not known for generating spectacular revenues. Some of the sites like pay as little as $ 0.10 (per thousand impressions), so do not exaggerate your hopes. Earning Ways

But if your blog attracts a lot of traffic, you can generate a decent income from them.

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5.Create and sell e-books

Creating and selling digital information products is also a proven way to make money with blogs. Earning Ways

Electronic books are a popular choice in this category, as they are also relatively easy to write and produce.

Assuming you are scratching your head in search of a possible subject, here is an easy way out for you.

If you have been blogging for a while, you only need to collect some of your old but relevant publications and transform them into the chapters of your e-book. Earning Ways

Once the content is ready, you can use online tools such as Canva to design the cover and create a PDF of your e-book.Earning Ways

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