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Create a Website page , 7 Basic Steps

create a website in 10 easy steps

Create A Website page in 7 Easy Steps

Today we will learn to create a website in just 7 easy steps. Web Designing is not easy but it is not difficult, if you learn some basic coding. There are several method to build a website such as , WordPress, Website Builder etc. Now we are going to learn ,how to create a web page and this is a quite easy step of beginning. Coding skills are not required in beginning. But with the time you have to learn coding with every step. Basically you become a good designer in just 1 month, if you learn to code your self.

create a website in 10 easy steps

Before we start create a website, you need some components:

  • A Laptop with good battery timing and specifications
  • Sublime Text 3 Website designing tool or Code Writer

You need a Laptop and Sublime 3 code writer for HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are two basic languages for website designing. To create a website page with full features you also need to learn Bootstrap. But our lesson is about only Basic of Website page Designing. You can start designing without having any service such as hosting and domain. But if you want test your designed page on server then see how to install a website in domain.(otherwise ignore this step).

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Lets Continue, Install Sublime Text 3 in your Laptop or PC. Once you install just make a new file by pressing ctrl+n and save it in to a new folder with .html extention. (please note: your all data related to your work must be saved in same folder). Once you done follow the basic tags of HTML. Now you have to write <html> and press enter, whole code body appears automatically on the screen. Now follow steps as same as mentioned below.

Step 1:

<html>, <title> and such kind of coding are known as tags. You must close a Tag to get your coding result. Some tags not need to close such as <br> tag. <br> tag use to break line to new paragraph from first line.

Step 2:

In step 2 we learn about language body of tags. <html> is main tag, you must start from <html> and end to </html> in order to create a website page. <head> tag use to insert main elements of website page. Under head section, you can add Logo, Favicon, HTML tag of any script. (such as monetize ad networks provide a code, that code must should be paste in <head> </head section.)

Step 3:

In step 3 we will talk about Body Tag. the <body> tag is the main body of a website page. In <body> section, you can add text materials, buttons, forms, images etc. For example we will add a paragraph it will written as, <body> <p> paragraph here </p> </body>.

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Step 4:

In step 4, we will discuss about CSS. CSS is use to design HTML page. When we go for create a website page, we must have to follow CSS to add colors and styles in our website page. Without CSS, a website can not be design and it will only form in heading and paragraph color. CSS is easy as HTML. But repeating again you have to discover tags and codes your self to become a good developer. For every solution, Google is your friend.

Step 5:

In step 5, we will learn the types of CSS. There are three type of CSS.

  1. External CSS
  2. Internal CSS
  3. Inline CSS

These are three types of CSS. In CSS we have to give a style layout to website page. In CSS you can add borders, color text, change backgrounds, change text background, resize or decorating text. Every design work of website page only done in CSS. Now we are going to discuss its types in next steps.

Step 6:

In step 6, we will learn about External CSS. External CSS is basically known as stylesheet.css in most common cases. Website designer have to make a new file but save it with .css extension. Your work will not start from <html> here. Now you just tell your stylesheet to which following tag, to deign. such as you want to add background, it will written as body{ background image: url(path)}.

Step 7:

In this step we are going to highlight Inline CSS. Inline CSS is similar to external CSS. The different is just that, External CSS written in a new page to design website body. And internal CSS written in <head> <style> internal css </style> </head>. However this is even a easy to code ,in some cases it difficult when there is a long coding. So try to add a at least 3 lines different between each style code.

This is the very beginning part to create a website page tutorial. If you want to become a good developer and designer, you must focus on your career. You must follow to discover tags which use in HTML. There is no need of knowledge to become a website designer. When you start to create web pages you will feel a developer’s feeling inside you. Don’t let this feeling to be down. In my case, i would prefer WordPress for website development. But before starting wordpress, you must have knowledge of Basic HTML and CSS.

In next article, we will discuss about basic tags use in HTML. Our today’s article is about only highlight to basics of HTML and CSS. Don’t go for shortcut in web designing. Always start from core coding. Try to put your self in difficulties to face any problem in future. Website designing is nothing without website development.


Muhammad Ahmar
Ahmar is web designer and web developer. He has experience to develope wordpress websites. He started his development career from coding from scratch. As well as he is also a good developer if he develop from core.

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