Domain Name Registration and Configuration Steps in 10 Minutes and Fix Errors

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name:

Domain name is unique name acquire to a website. As everything, known by its own name like we are called by our names (example: jhon). A website has a unique name is called domain name (example: Domains are available subjected to their availability. Domain names are recognizing by its fame, such as .com is a high quality standard domain extension.

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Domain Name Registration:

The best place to register domain name is godaddy, namecheap are the most famous registrar for current time. Some hosting service providing websites also offering such services with its hosting packages. This part is very important as hosting and website will not working without having domain authority connected to it. We are now going to discuss, where to buy domain? how to configure this part with website and hosting.

If you follow my steps you will success in your first try:

Domain Name Registration

  • You need to signup at domain registrar page like GoDaddy or NameCheap.
  • Once you sign up, refer to search bar to find your design domain name (example:
  • Now you will see search result of available domain names and extensions. Choose the right one of your desired. ( .com .net .org .io  known most for famous)
  • Add to the cart with your selected domain and fill in form with your information.
  • Now refer to process payment. ( Apply coupon code if applicable)
  • Once you made successful purchase you will find your domain name in your product list.

Domain Name Setup and Configuration:

After purchasing, make sure you save login information of your registrar account. Now refer to product list find your domain name in list. Now refer to following these steps.

Before we start domain configuration, make sure you have hosting where you will park and connect your domain to hosting’s name server. Hosting is a server where you save your website data which brings it to become online in global world.

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  • Once you purchased domain name, go to manage DNS option.
  • You will find Name Server options (name servers are providing by hosting service, it is unique address where a domain goes to be host as part of hosting)
  • If you not find name server go to your Welcome Email from hosting and find name servers in this email body.
  • if you find name server, just you have to put and update name server in DNS.
  • Refresh your domain it will redirect you to hosting site (default configuration is hosting homepage)
  • Please Note: your DNS record now will manage by Web Hosting (All records will now saved in DNS Zone in Cpanel “such as txt record”

Search Engine Visibility

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Once you complete your configuration with Hosting. You need to increase visibility of your domain name to search engines. Now just refer to google search engine console and verify your property.

  • Go to Google Search Console.
  • Enter a domain to verify.
  • Get txt record which will given by search console.
  • Follow this Step carefully , Go to your DNS Zone in Cpanel.
  • Click Manage Records and select txt, then click add txt record.
  • Find the recent TXT record like v~ dgh 123 …….
  • Click edit and add TTL 1800, select name as same as default as your domain have it.
  • Paste the txt record and let it leave for 24 hours.
  • Go to your webmaster tool or search engine console and verify domain status.

Many people leave this step and they face difficulties in future to rank their websites. This step is recommended after connecting your domain to name servers.

Upload Website to Domain:

Now this is final and last step to configure your domain with Website. This is not a difficult step but make sure you have select directory as same as your domain url. (

Before doing this, recommended step is to install SSL certificate to your web site.

Now refer to follow website installation steps: let take example of word press

  • In your Cpanel, find Website builders ” select WordPress”
  • Install WordPress to directory of your domain.
  • Remove wp directory and put your domain name only otherwise you have to configure index pages of your websites.
  • Select Installation Details and note them down and just Install.
  • Now refresh your domain url. Website now installed.

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This article contains most useful information regarding of domain name registrations and configuration. You can also setup email accounts in your Cpanel. These are technical steps, you should perform it very carefully. Before doing anything in Website directory, make sure to backup everything. As security, save your Cpanel and registrar account with strong passwords. Do not install extensions or unknown resources from internet otherwise you may lose your all stuff.

if you have any questions related to domain configuration, or you facing errors in setup or email clients, simply leave a comment. Always keep your self up to date and do not forgot to share your experience in comments.


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