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Why study Graphic Design?Photo Shop

Photo Shop

Photo Shop

Graphic design is a discipline that combines visual communication and creativity in the creation of products or projects with which people can interact. Studying design, unlike other professions, is a great opportunity to enter any industry and also allows you to increase creativity and even work in a freelance way. PhotoShop

Currently, there is a high demand for creative disciplines worldwide, and a designer has a set of skills that allow him to move in any medium: he can focus on editorial design, interface design, product design or brand design, among others.PhotoShop

It is a career with many fields of action so the demands of each project will always be different and each will be an opportunity to learn something new and break schemes. Photo Shop

What functions does a Graphic Designer have?Photo Shop

The main objective of working in graphic design is to create visual solutions to a specific problem. Among the functions that will allow you to do it are the planning, creation and edition of graphic material such as logos, illustrations, publications, signage, brand identity and even web pages.

In many occasions a graphic designer is not only dedicated to developing visual products, he also has to know how to negotiate and interact with clients or lead a team.

What do you need to know to work in Graphic Design?

To be a designer it is necessary to understand visual communication as a way of life, you must have a visual education and understand how the image can serve to communicate something and have a specific function.Photo Shop

You will wonder what technical skills you must acquire to be an excellent designer. In addition to learning manual techniques such as illustration, painting or lettering, it is recommended that you know several design programs. You can specialize in one of them, but managing several will undoubtedly give you an advantage in your professional career.

Among the programs you must manage are:

Photoshop: It is the standard of the design industry. This program of edition of images developed by the company Adobe, is used habitually in the edition of photographies, but it is very useful also for creation and edition of images and graphs.

Illustrator: It is the vector graphics editor par excellence, it is very used for artistic creation through the production of mathematical objects called vectors.

InDesign: It is the favorite tool for editorial design, with it you can diagram from a printed magazine to a flat or interactive PDF document.

3D Max: This is a program for the creation of graphics and 3D animation, with which you can create videogames, TV ads, product design and advertising.

After Effects: This is another of the tools of the Adobe Suite and is created as a studio to create compositions, animations, make motion graphics and special effects.

Premiere Pro: This is a video editing software developed by Adobe, it is perfect for editing professional videos, you can produce TV commercials, short films or documentaries.

Cinema 4D: With this program, you will be able to model, texturize and animate. One of its advantages is the high speed of rendering.Photo Shop

Graphic design has the potential to inspire, inform and capture the attention of the public. It is important that you complement your knowledge by learning from disciplines such as advertising, marketing, photography and animation.Photo Shop

How to succeed in Graphic Design?

Undoubtedly you should keep up to date and be constant, the theory will not be enough if you do not develop a good technique, this is where the real training as a designer begins. Practicing will result in the creation of a portfolio and this will be your professional presentation letter, not the certificates, nor the good grades, only with an excellent portfolio will be opened incredible doors in the workplace. PhotoShop


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